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 DVD   Hillside Stream
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 >> CLICK TO SEE BRIEF SAMPLE << - This sample takes you through all scenes very quickly.  In the DVD each scene lasts longer, at 2.5 minutes each scene.
California Hillside Stream is Herbey Productions' second DVD, part of its Relaxation Videoscapes series of DVD’s.
Turn your TV into the soothing scene of a beautiful hillside stream, and your speakers into the accompanying relaxing sounds of the flowing water.
With our sometimes busy and stressful lives, it’s very important to be able to temporarily escape our everyday worries and re-charge our minds. So sit back, relax and let the stream come to you!
For 84 minutes you will be immersed in the ambiance of a tranquil hillside stream in the wine country of Northern California. Relax and unwind to the sights and sounds of the rushing water. There is no distracting background music, no people or other sounds....just the babbling brook. Let this be your escape!
The video cycles twice through 17 different views along the same stream, with each video segment lasting about two and a half minutes before fading into the next one and so forth. Although the same views are shown twice throughout the cycles, none of the footage itself is ever repeated. This is 84 minutes of continuous footage.
This DVD is perfect for your relaxation or otherwise immersing yourself in a natural ambiance.
You can use it for meditation or creating a very zen ambiance for your home or office. When you have visiting guests it's also the perfect DVD to have playing on your screen in the background to set the mood. It's also perfect for nature lovers and health conscious folks as a way to feel at one with the Earth. There are lots of lush green scenes complete with moss and lichen covered rocks and boulders and a couple of small waterfalls too.
With this video there is no hiking, backpacking or traveling needed to experience nature at its finest and most beautiful. Just your DVD player and display screen! Of course this isn't a substitute for a nice and healthy nature outing, it simply allows you to experience nature anytime you want from the comfort of your living space, and to transform the mood and setting of your living space as well.
Screenshots of 9 of the 17 scenes

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