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 DVD   Scenic Napa Valley - Sights & Sounds   Fall edition
  $2.99 USD + shipping

>> CLICK TO SEE BRIEF SAMPLE <<This sample takes you through all 67 scenes very quickly.  In the DVD each scene lasts longer, at over 1 minute for each scene.
Turn your screen into 67 stunning autumn views of one of the most scenic destinations in the world, and your speakers into the accompanying sounds of each scene.
The Napa Valley of California is truly a place of spectacular beauty. But when the Fall season arrives, the Napa Valley bursts with vivid colors transforming an already stunning landscape into something of unparalleled dazzle.

Like a window to the world, this DVD will immerse you in the radiant scenery and charm of this world famous wine country.

This video contains many views of vineyards in all their autumn glory, sporting their fiery yellow, orange and red foliage. There are also many scenes of the surrounding landscapes and picturesque hills, along with a few hilltop vistas looking out over the valley. This DVD brings all these wonderful sights and sounds right to the comfort of your home or office.

This is pure Napa Valley with no distracting added background music. Instead, the soundtrack features the ambient sounds - the singing and chirping of birds native to the area.

This video is perfect for setting the mood in your home and is great to relax to! Let this be your virtual vacation or visual entertainment for your guests while enjoying Napa Valley’s character and breathtaking beauty!

Whether you’re a visitor, resident or fan of the Napa Valley, the Scenic Napa Valley DVD captures all the scenery and color it has to offer.
Screenshots of 9 of the 67 scenes

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