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 DVD   Scenic Napa Valley - Sights & Sounds   Spring/Summer edition

>> CLICK TO SEE BRIEF SAMPLE << - This sample takes you through all 59 scenes very quickly.  In the DVD each scene lasts longer, at 1.5 minutes each scene.
Turn your screen into stunning views of one of the most scenic destinations in the world, and your speakers into the sounds of each scene.
Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and charm of the world famous Napa Valley, California.
From sweeping vistas of the Napa Valley from hilltops, views of lush green vineyards and picturesque hills, scenes from within Napa Valley towns, to scenes of a few wineries nestled within the surrounding scenery, this high-quality video brings all these wonderful sights and sounds right to the comfort of your home or office.
This is pure Napa Valley with no distracting added background music! Let this be your virtual vacation or visual entertainment for your guests while exploring Napa Valley’s character and beauty!
Whether you’re a visitor, resident or fan of the Napa Valley, the Scenic Napa Valley DVD captures all the scenery it has to offer.
This video presents the outdoor scenery and beauty of the Napa Valley starting at the south end of the valley, working northward and ending at the top of the valley. Some of the wine growing regions (also known as 'appellations') featured in this DVD include: Los Carneros, Oak Knoll District, Yountville, Stags Leap District, Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena and Calistoga.
Also featured are the Napa Valley towns. You'll see a scene of downtown Napa, Yountville, Rutherford, Saint Helena and Calistoga. But mostly rural landscapes, vineyards and vistas from elevated vantage points.
In each scene you'll hear the accompanying ambient sounds, such as the birds chirping and the breezes rustling the leaves. It's the perfect DVD to sit down and chill out too, like a window to the world. Only this window overlooks one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Millions of tourists come from all around the world each year to sample our amazing wines and cuisine, and to see our one-of-a-kind scenery. 
Whether you've been to the stunning wine country or plan to visit, or you've never been, put this DVD in and relax to the lush sights and sounds the famous Napa Valley has to offer! You'll forget you're at home! It also makes a great gift or just something nice to play on your TV in the background when guests come to visit you.
This DVD is our Spring/Summer edition. This shows what the Napa Valley looks like as the foliage in the vineyards is at its greenest and when the weather is at its sunniest and warmest. We are planning an upcoming fall edition, and later on a winter edition.
Screenshots of 9 of the 59 scenes

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