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 Hillside Stream - Relaxing Sounds of California Nature
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This audio CD features the lovely, tranquil and soothing sounds of a hillside stream in the middle of California's nature..... perfect for relaxation, meditation, or nature lovers. It's also great for setting the mood in your living space and introducing a peaceful ambiance. This audio CD can be played for background sound, listening exclusively for relaxing and chilling out to, hypnosis or aiding in falling asleep. Yes, if you have difficulty sleeping, this CD will lull you right to sleep if you find the sound of flowing water relaxing!
Each of the 6 tracks feature a different section of the same stream. You can hear the sound of water cascading over moss-covered rocks and boulders in this babbling brook. And in the background are the distant sounds of birds among the wilderness. This was recorded in the remote, wild countryside of the famous Napa Valley wine country, away from the vineyards, wineries and hustle and bustle. There sure is more than just wine and grapes in this beautiful place! There's a lot of untouched, raw and rugged wilderness too.

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