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Forest Wind-Storm - Sounds of Wind in the Trees
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This Ambiance Soundscapes CD features the sound of a forest during a heavy wind storm. With 60 minutes of pure ambiance, you'll hear periods of heavy wind gusts with quieter lulls in between. As the recording progresses, the overall intensity of the wind storm picks up. The broadleaf forest that this CD was recorded in, is composed of mostly California Bay Laurels and a variety of Oak trees. It was recorded in the hills of the Napa Valley.
The storm that swept through our area generated occasional winds in excess of 50 MPH and was enough to trigger numerous wind warnings by the National Weather Service. Not during the actual recording, but throughout the main wind storm event, many trees and power lines became casualties of mother nature's fury. There were however, a couple of large branches that snapped off during this nature recording. The birds were largely silent throughout this storm as they were clinging to the branches in the treetops trying not to get blown away.
The forest just seems to come alive during windy weather as the gusts rumble, whisper and howl through the leaves and branches. Being there in the forest to record this spectacle was absolutely exhilarating! And putting this CD into your player is the next best thing to actually being there and experiencing it yourself!
This CD is perfect for background ambiance in your living space, for relaxation, meditation or any situation where an environmental ambiance recording can be enjoyed.

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