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 DVD   Northern California Beach Sunsets

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>> CLICK TO SEE BRIEF SAMPLE << - This sample takes you through all 23 scenes very quickly.  In the DVD each scene lasts longer, for a few minutes each scene.
Herbey Productions introduces you to its 6th DVD, Northern California Beach Sunsets, as part of its Ambiance Videoscapes series of DVD’s.
Enjoy the spectacular sights of a beautiful California beach during two colorful sunsets and relax to the soothing, calm and peaceful sounds of the ocean waves with this DVD!
The California Coast is undeniably a place of stunning beauty. But as the sun sets, the beach and sky burst into vivid colors turning an already beautiful place into the ultimate scene of unbeatable dazzle. Like a window to the world, this 78 minute DVD will allow you to experience the tranquil ambiance of a picturesque Northern California beach during two spectacular sunsets. Watch and listen as the waves tumble and wash over the rocks and sand, as the sun gradually sets over the water and sea, and as the clouds drift across the colorful sky.
This video contains many different camera angles for a variety of views (23 to be exact) and to capture the vivid colors during the various stages of each sunset. Each video segment lasts a few minutes before fading into the next scene. There is no distracting background music, only the sights and pure sounds of the surf.
This ambiance DVD is perfect for setting a romantic mood, for relaxation, meditation, yoga, a scenic background or for simply experiencing a soothing and zen ambiance. Enjoy the California coast and its sunsets from the comfort of your living room or yoga studio! You'll quickly forget you're even at home! It is THAT captivating. Play this DVD when guests come to visit, for a nice background and positive atmosphere. The timelessness of ocean waves has a way of infusing good and zen-like relaxing, calming energy into the surroundings. If you love the Pacific Coast and sunsets, then this DVD is for you!
The California Pacific Coast is known for its very rocky beaches, cliffs and many coves. It's also known for its very persistent fog layer, several months out of the year. But this DVD was filmed during the couple months where that fog layer is usually absent, yielding a breathtaking view of the sun, sky and clouds. There's no other place in the entire world like a Northern California Beach!
Screenshots of 9 of the 23 scenes


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