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 DVD   Northern California Beach 
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>> CLICK TO SEE BRIEF SAMPLE << - This sample takes you through all scenes very quickly.  In the DVD each scene lasts longer, at just over 3 minutes each scene.
Herbey Productions introduces you to its first DVD, Northern California Beach, as part of its Ambiance Videoscapes series of DVD’s.
Turn your TV into the majestic scene of a beautiful California beach, and your speakers into the accompanying soothing sounds of the surf!
With our sometimes busy and stressful lives, it’s very important to be able to temporarily escape our everyday worries and re-charge our minds. So sit back, relax and let the beach come to you!
For about 90 minutes you will be immersed in the ambiance of a peaceful and picturesque Northern California beach on a lovely summer day. Watch and listen to the waves as they hypnotically roll, tumble and sometimes crash into the rocks and sand. The sound in this video is exactly as it was the day it was filmed. There is no distracting background music, no people, no seagulls, only the sights and sounds of the surf. Let this be your escape!
The video cycles 4 times through 7 different views at the same beach. Each video segment lasts an average of just over 3 minutes before fading into the next one and so forth. Although the same views are shown more than once throughout the cycles, none of the footage itself is ever repeated. This is 89 minutes of continuous footage.
This DVD is perfect for your relaxation, immersing yourself in a natural ambiance and perfect for anyone who loves the ocean.
Everybody loves the ocean, so put this DVD in and enjoy the coast without having to leave the comfort of your home! Of all the coastline in the country, the Pacific coast of Northern California and northward boasts the most spectacular of scenery. 
This video is also a great tool for meditation. There is something so pure and timeless about the waves of the sea lapping up onto the shore. It's amazing to think that those same waves have continuously tumbled on the beaches long before humans ever walked this earth to enjoy them, and that they'll continue to roll and tumble long after human beings. These waves will go on and never cease to rhythmically grace the sands as long as the earth and its oceans exist. Like a beating heart represents life, the waves of the sea represent a living Earth.
Set the mood for your guests or set the mood for a romantic evening with the sights and sounds of this secluded beach. Playing this DVD is just like a window to the world. Only this window overlooks one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth, and it will literally transform your living space!
Screenshots of all 7 scenes

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